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The School of 

Advanced Psycho- Kinesis, Spiritualism

and Ghostly Phenomenon.


Professor Cornelius Rand III




Rand Manor





  The School of  Advanced Psycho- Kinesis, Spiritualism and Ghostly Phenomenon is offered by author and paranormal researcher, Professor Cornelius Rand III,  through the American Spirit Society, one of the country's largest and most respected paranormal research groups.


     The School of  Advanced Psycho- Kinesis, Spiritualism and Ghostly Phenomenon investigates ghosts and hauntings in a non-metaphysical manner, applying science and deductive reasoning to seek out the source behind a haunting. This history-intensive organization applies both historical research and scientific equipment as part of its investigations and the Ghost Research Course will help to develop your methods in both of these areas.

Tre Lurk in D minor - Andrea DeCashdeo

Required Reading: Haunted Hollywood

by Jerry Goldsmith




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