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Josh Duggar’s Porn Mistress, Danica Dillon,

is “Scared Topless!”

Brooklyn, NY - September 3rd, 2015

Adult film starlet Donica Dillon, who shocked the media world with confessions of her “rough” secret sexual encounters with former TLC reality star Josh Duggar to Entertainment Tonight just days ago, will be baring it all in the sexy paranormal comedy romp Scared Topless. Duggar, whose sexual exploits have been blown wide open by the recent Ashley Madison hack, first approached Dillon in a club where she was dancing and soon lured her to a hotel for the first of two wild sexual encounters. 

Directed by B-movie legend Jim Wynorski, the man behind such classics as Chopping Mall and Return of the Swamp Thing among many others, Scared Topless is bringing the cheese back to late night television courtesy of Old Mill Entertainment. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of women Duggar secretly obsessed over, Dillon’s performance and the movie as a whole, in the words of producer and writer, Dave Zani, who was also an animator for Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne, is “a late night spectacle with so much cheese and scandal it’s a French fondue.” Give a shout to Scared Topless on Twitter @ScaredTopless or visit for more juicy updates.

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