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"If you have ever wanted to see a naked ghost, I suggest you check out Scared Topless!"
- Kreepazoid Kelly, Horror Host
  twitter @kreepazoidkelly 


Scared Topless features cast and crew from classics such as: Friday the 13th Part  6, Not of this Earth, Revenge of the Swamp Thing, Chopping Mall and Grand Theft Auto 5.

A group of unsuspecting college students explore a haunted house and get more than they bargained for when the sexual frenzy of the paranormal world reveals itself in SCARED TOPLESS. Come, take the ultimate sensually scary journey into the unknown as three young couples embark on a 'ghost-hunting' field trip to the run down mansion of the late tinsel-town actress Gail Evelyn. Missing and presumed dead for over 70 years, it's said that her restless sex-starved spirit still haunts the dank rooms and gloomy hallways of her formerly posh Hollywood home. So steel yourself for an amazingly hot adventure; like the students, you're about to encounter a beautiful and sexy array of spirits from beyond. Then finally, without warning, the ectoplasmic Gail Evelyn herself will appear to reveal her startling and ultra-sexy secret.

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